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Race Truck Model 02

A set of Race Truck builds I added to Rad Sandbox. This is the second model in a series of 18. This is a direct X format model and comes with all UV/Graphic work. It is immediately available after payment and can be used in all of your projects both Personal and Commercial. Get it below…


Wastelands 21

Part of a second generation of Wastelands cars


Rally Demo and YouTube video

Compiling with Rad Sandbox when there are multiple projects: How to.

If you find that you need to compile more than one project in Rad Sandbox this instructable will tell you how to do it…

Get the Demo:


Get Rad Sandbox:

Get the Open FX Modeler:


Direct X Truck model 02

These are game ready lo-poly truck models in the Direct X format. They are setup for use in RAD Sandbox, but can be converted and used in any game. They are game ready with all UV and graphic work. 19.99 and a direct download after payment…

Get this model below:


3D Car Pack 1 – Game Ready

3D Car Pack 1


Five ready to use Direct X game models. All UV and graphic work included. You may use these in any project, personal or commercial with no further cost.


3D Car pack 2 Direct X

Car pack 2 – Direct X game ready models from Dell Sweet


A second set of 5 Direct X ready to use game models. These are built and set-up for use in RAD Sandbox, but can easily be converted for use in any game creation system. They are complete with all Graphic and UV work and can be immediately downloaded after purchase. You may use these models in any project or projects, personal or commercial.


Wastelands model two – Direct X Rad Sandbox from Dell Sweet

Wastelands model 2 Game Ready


This is model 2 in the Wastelands collection modeled after the apocalyptic future of the Earth’s Survivors books. This is a lifted propane powered car. Built for the barely passable highways and roads that still exist in places. It delivers and picks up people and supplies throughout the Nation, the former United States.

This model includes all the UV and graphic work. It is also a direct download after purchase. This model may be used in any of your projects, personal or commercial.


RAD Sandbox – Game Creation

RAD Sandbox Game Creation – Game Building in 3D


OFX Modeler and the RAD Sandbox software for just $39.99. Make models and then use the Game Maker to build your 3D Worlds and games! #3dGameMaker #3DModeler


Wastelands vehicle 14 – 3D

This is Wastelands truck 14. Built from junkyard scrap. This model is in the Direct X format, but the 3DS and UVD formats are also available from the archive. Includes all UV work and graphics. Direct download after payment. $39.09