PANORAMA – Rad Balázs

Some TOURMOIL missions take place in a fictional version of Budapest. In this project you can fully enjoy the architecture from a higher perspective… 🙂

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Wastelands NO-19 – Direct X Game ready lo-poly models

This is a resurrected Junk Yard relic. Rusted, 4X4 running gear. A cap for rear storage. Seating for two. It can drive anywhere, desert, what is left of the old roads; cross streams and keep going.

Using this model in an off-road demo. I used the same UV work, simply adjusted the color from the orange into the yellow. Same model.

This model is a classic runner, built to be a tough contender. This model is in the Direct X format, as are all of my models, and it does include all the UV and Graphics work. You may use it in any of your projects, personal or commercial. $92.60 and a direct instant download after payment. Wastelands NO-19.

RAD Sandbox Wastelands No-18

This is a straight up Mad Max type of car. The movies that inspired me to start building these wastelands cars. Mine have some differences, addressing the need to be a 4X4 so they can get anywhere, and the propane tanks to go for long distance. If you need to transport someone or something across the wastelands, this is the car to do it.

Patched together from junk yard offcasts. This car is rendered in Direct X and includes all UV and Graphics work. $72.60 and an instant download after purchase.

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Car NO-12 DirectX

This is a junk yard relic. There are many of these types of cars running in the wastelands. The frame and main car is a tube frame off-road buggy, the body is a scrap heap used car or truck body, fitted and welded to the tube frame. From a distance it looks like a plain old junk heap, worthless, not even worth pursuing, but if a raider does give chase the vehicle is built to take to the desert at high speed and lose its pursuers.

$29.50 and an instant download after payment. This model is rendered in the Microsoft Direct X format and includes all UV work and graphic work.

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Complete Direct X Road system

Over 25 models. All UV work, graphics. Swappable pavement or dirt road, or use your own UV work, the hard work is done. The entire road system comes in one pack and is instantly downloadable after purchase.


Wastelands 21

Wastelands 21 Direct X

This is model 21 in the Wastelands collection. This is patched together from an ex-police cruiser, shortened to a 2 door and the roof has been replaced with a 2 door version, the trunk and most of that roof were removed and turned into cargo space.

Suitable for running cargo between settlements in the Wastelands… $82.50 with all UV and graphic work. This model is an instant download after payment.

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Car NO11 – Direct X

This is a Kia Soul car model in green. I added it to my RAD Sandbox copy and it will go in the official download for 2022 that I will release towards the end of the year. All the models I build go into the distro, some of them also go into the OFX Modeler distro as well.

This body builds well, you’ll see in the video that I rescaled it on the fly, lifted it and used a bigger set of tires. This model is complete, all UV and graphic work and comes as an instant download after payment. $19.95

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RAD Sandbox – OFX Modeler


OFX Modeler and the RAD Sandbox software for just $39.99. Make models and then use the Game Maker to build your 3D Worlds and games! #3dGameMaker #3DModeler


Free Direct X Road System

This is the complete Apocalyptic Road system I modified for use with RAD Sandbox. The base models are as they were in the old distribution, all the other pieces were built, scaled and are in the Apoc-Highway/street add-on in RAD Sandbox.

This is the system used in the test video above…

Direct X Models 03


This is another Muscle Car model in the Direct X format. It is a drop-in for the RAD Sandbox, but it can be easily converted in format and used for any game system. $75.95 includes all UV and graphic work as shown. This is an instant download after purchase.

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Direct X Small City. This is a small city layout, streets, buildings, graphics, UV work. This is based on a public domain model with a major overhaul, scaling, graphic updates, an underground sewer/water system/tunnel and much more. The model is a direct X Model and is an immediate download after purchase. $187.60