Race Truck Model 02

A set of Race Truck builds I added to Rad Sandbox. This is the second model in a series of 18. This is a direct X format model and comes with all UV/Graphic work. It is immediately available after payment and can be used in all of your projects both Personal and Commercial. Get it below…

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Direct X Truck model 02

These are game ready lo-poly truck models in the Direct X format. They are setup for use in RAD Sandbox, but can be converted and used in any game. They are game ready with all UV and graphic work. 19.99 and a direct download after payment…

Get this model below:

Home: https://www.es.dellsweet.com

Wastelands car 02

This car is the second car in the Wastelands series. It includes the Direct X model and all UV work and the graphics. $49.99 and that includes everything. This model is a direct download after purchase. Includes 3DS, FBX, MESH, DXF as well as the Direct X model.

Get this model below:

Home: https://www.es.dellsweet.com

RAD Sandbox – Game Creation

RAD Sandbox Game Creation – Game Building in 3D


OFX Modeler and the RAD Sandbox software for just $39.99. Make models and then use the Game Maker to build your 3D Worlds and games! #3dGameMaker #3DModeler https://www.dellsweet.com/product-category/soft/

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3D Direct X Models

3D Direct X Models from the Wastelands collections

Wastelands collection 1:

Wastelands Collection 1 includes the first ten models in the Wastelands collection. All models are rendered in the Direct X format and may be used for personal or commercial purposes. #3DModels This collection is ten models, but actually amounts to 12 models with different versions for the VW Bug and an alternate Ford Falcon along with the Plymouth Satellite. So, there will be 12 car models in your zip file.

These 10 models come with all the UV Work and the graphic work. Get the first collection below:

Wastelands collection2:

Wastelands collection 2 includes the second set of ten models in the wastelands collection. I nearly have the next ten ready to go and will add them when the last is finished.

All models are rendered in the Direct X format. You may use them in any project you wish, either commercial or personal.

The models are available below as a direct download after payment. You can save hundreds of dollars with these collections. Get this one below:

Some of the models for the next Wastelands collection:

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Military Truck using P-CAR

Off Road Military Truck using the PCAR module for the physics

Using the off road Military trucks as a race platform. The main/drivable truck is also using the new P-Car module (Physics Car) as opposed to the older Car module. Much more realistic, drivable, many more variables you can sit to emulate all types of vehicle mechanics/physics. #Physics #Car

Home: https://www.es.dellsweet.com

Modeling and UV work

I have been working on models and graphics for games.

Get it

Rad Sandbox: Rad Sandbox: Get it now

Models1: Wastelands VW Build X 2

Models2: Wastelands Models X 3

Models3: Wastelands Models X 10

Open FX: Open FX Modeler