Race Truck Model 02

A set of Race Truck builds I added to Rad Sandbox. This is the second model in a series of 18. This is a direct X format model and comes with all UV/Graphic work. It is immediately available after payment and can be used in all of your projects both Personal and Commercial. Get it below…

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Rally Demo and YouTube video

Compiling with Rad Sandbox when there are multiple projects: How to.

If you find that you need to compile more than one project in Rad Sandbox this instructable will tell you how to do it…

Get the Demo: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hjq6Gu0dbpt1Xvnd-CJPfJH0l0TDToq8/view?usp=sharing

Radsandbox: https://www.radsandbox.com

Get Rad Sandbox: https://es.dellsweet.com/2022/06/30/rad-sandbox-2/

Get the Open FX Modeler: https://www.dellsweet.com/open-fx-ofx-modeler/

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The City Flex Road build

City Flex. The build continues.

via @YouTube I am done with the model build, now I will do the UV work in Ultimate Unwrap #3dmodeling #3DGameCreation #OpenFX #RADSandbox

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Wastelands Direct X Model 6

This model purchase includes two models, an older bug and a newer bug…

Both models include all graphic and UV work and are an instant download after payment.

As with every model I make and sell, this is a one time purchase. You may use it in any personal or commercial project with no additional fees of any kind.

This is a junk yard build. A tube frame and a Bug body. Get it below:

Imports: 3DS, DAE, DFX, STL, OBJ, X, LWO.

Exports: 3DS, DXF, STL, VRML, MFX.

ASSIMP supports are available through the ASSIMP viewer included.

Open FX is what I use for my modelling. The link is an instant download after purchase. https://www.dellsweet.com/open-fx-ofx-modeler/

Rad Sandbox is a complete game system. Build, sell or give away the games you build. Click to make: Models, graphics, scenery and even roads. Where else can you get that? No where. #3DGameCreation #RadSandbox https://www.dellsweet.com/2022/05/11/rad-sandbox-3d-game-maker-from-dell-sweet/

The flex road – RAD Sandbox

Building a track with the flex road modules I made. This makes it simple to put the whole road together and even includes a spline to start you out, or premade curves and straights, a bridge to get you in gear… #GameCreation #RADSandbox #OpenFX

This will be a freeby when I am finished. There is some scaling work to do yet, and I have tested it in RAD and then rescaled it and just want to tighten that up. I will also add the project to RAD Sandbox, Dell

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3D Road model

Ultimate Unwrap – Rad Sandbox

Building and UV work for a road piece

via @YouTube

Kind of a long video, but this shows all the work building the road piece, from nothing, to finished. #3DGameContent #RadSandbox #PaulBlock #3dmodeling

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3D Modeling 2

Muscle Car 001

Rad Sandbox: Rad Sandbox: Get it now

Models1: Wastelands VW Build X 2

Models2: Wastelands Models X 3

Models3: Wastelands Models X 10

Open FX: Open FX Modeler