Road Models

You can build nearly any type of road you wish to with this model set. Dirt, Tarmac, Old Road. The set contains everything you need. This model is in the DirectX format and a direct download after purchase. You may use this system for any type of project you have, Personal and Commercial.

A project track built with this system…

This model system is set-up for easy image file additions in your modeler, or in Ultimate Unwrap.

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Terra 02 in DirectX

This is a road module build. The pieces are also available individually here.

The pieces are all included for the entire Terrain. This a large semi-finished terrain. I did all the serious stuff and left most of the decoration for you. You can see there are areas left undeveloped so you can explore your own creative abilities.

This model is in the DirectX format for the Rad Sandbox Game Creation System but can be converted to FBX, OBJ, 3DS or any other format you need. This is an instant download after purchase and you can use this model or derivatives you have created from this work in any project Personal or Commercial that you wish to use it in.

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Terra 01 in DirectX

Some terrains, finally, that I have wanted to add for awhile. These are full terrains, city, roads, off-road, and they include all the UV work and the graphics.

This is a look at the Terrain being driven. The game logic is available in Rad Sandbox

This model is in the DirectX format and is an instant download after purchase. This model can be converted to FBX, 3DS or any other format you need to work with your Game Creation software

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RAD Sandbox Pro

Available free in the RAD Sandbox 2021 distribution:

YouTube Video. Direct X VW Bug model

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Wastelands-20 M P V

A military vehicle build. This is a custom built truck made for protection and patrols through the wastelands of the Nation.

This vehicle is rendered in Direct X and is a direct download after purchase. It includes all UV/Graphic work and can be freely used in any of your projects, personal or Commercial.

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Rally Demo and YouTube video

Compiling with Rad Sandbox when there are multiple projects: How to.

If you find that you need to compile more than one project in Rad Sandbox this instructable will tell you how to do it…

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DTR in RAD Sandbox

The old DTR
Rad Sandbox

What have I been up to? Getting the 2022 release of Rad Sandbox ready, so I am checking projects, finishing some and also checking/repairing models as I go. I will end up with about 60 cars/trucks. #3DContent #radsandbox In this video I am recreating the DTR and DTR2 power slide, where the cars motor and slide through corners at full speed. #DTR2 #dtr #directx #dellsweet

Direct X Models 2

3D Models

3D Game ready Direct X models


Wastelands Direct X Game Ready Models – Dell Sweet

Wastelands direct X Game Ready Models – Dell Sweet


This is Wastelands truck 14. Built from junkyard scrap. This model is in the Direct X format, but the 3DS and UVD formats are also available from the archive. Includes all UV work and graphics. Direct download after payment. $39.09



Apocalyptic wastelands car 15: This model is in the Direct X format and is game ready with all UV and graphic work included. $19.50 and a direct download after purchase.


A military based truck model in the Direct X Format. Includes the Direct X model and all the UV and graphic work. $89.10 and a direct download after payment. Usage: Commercial and personal