Police Cruiser Car 02

This is a police prowler. Black and White CVP. All UV work and graphic work is included. $5.95 and a direct download after payment. This is a direct X model you can use in any game for any purpose, commercial or personal. This can be converted to many formats for use in game systems other than RAD Sandbox.


OpenFX is an Open-Source 3D modeling, animation and rendering suite.

A powerful feature-set includes a full renderer and raytrace engine, NURBS support, kinematics-based animation, morphing, and an extensive plugin API.

Plugin capabilities include image post processor effects such as lens flare, fog and depth of field. Animation effects such as explosions, waves and dissolves add enormously to the flexibility of the program.

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Direct X Cars 01

This is a police detective model. Lo poly. Includes all UV and graphic work and is game ready in the Direct X Format for RAD Sandbox, but can be converted and used in any other 3D Game system easily. $5.95 and a direct download after payment

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OFX Modeler and the RAD Sandbox software for just $39.99. Make models and then use the Game Maker to build your 3D Worlds and games! #3dGameMaker #3DModeler

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Large City Model

Direct X City Model – Add your own props to this bare city scape. All UV work and Graphics included. $237.60 A direct download after payment. Use it in any project, commercial or personal. Ready to be added to!

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This is model 12 in the Wastelands series. This is in the direct X format and comes with all UV work and graphics. It is directly downloadable after purchase. $12.99 includes complete model with UV and graphics for Commercial or personal use


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Wastelands 7 Direct X Models – Dell Sweet

Wastelands 07 – Direct X Model

$29.99 includes all UV work and graphics. This is a tube constructed vehicle used to deliver critical supplies through out the wastelands. This model is an immediate download after payment and is usable in all your game projects, personal and commercial

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Off Road Demo

Download the Playable demo: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CT7_SytZtv3dnk_hqWvdApbpX69vSW4t?usp=sharing

Get RAD: https://www.dellsweet.com/product/rad-sandbox/

Apocalyptic vehicle 11

This is model 11 in the Wastelands series. This is in the Direct X format and includes all UV and graphic work. This is a direct download after purchase and can be used in all your game play or projects, commercial or personal. $21.90

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3D Direct X Models

3D Direct X Models from the Wastelands collections

Wastelands collection 1:

Wastelands Collection 1 includes the first ten models in the Wastelands collection. All models are rendered in the Direct X format and may be used for personal or commercial purposes. #3DModels This collection is ten models, but actually amounts to 12 models with different versions for the VW Bug and an alternate Ford Falcon along with the Plymouth Satellite. So, there will be 12 car models in your zip file.

These 10 models come with all the UV Work and the graphic work. Get the first collection below:

Wastelands collection2:

Wastelands collection 2 includes the second set of ten models in the wastelands collection. I nearly have the next ten ready to go and will add them when the last is finished.

All models are rendered in the Direct X format. You may use them in any project you wish, either commercial or personal.

The models are available below as a direct download after payment. You can save hundreds of dollars with these collections. Get this one below:

Some of the models for the next Wastelands collection:

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