Wastelands 17 – 3D Model

Wastelands Seventeen – Direct X 3D Model

Get the Apocalypse series car by car. This is a junkyard built truck in the Direct X format. It comes with the UV and graphics work, ready to drop into your Direct X Modeled game. $72.69 total. Direct download after payment.

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Wastelands vehicle NO 05

– Direct X Game ready models

Apocalypse 05 is a Direct X model based ion my wastelands series, apocalyptic vehicles in the not too distant future, running supplies and people across the wastelands. This model is in the Direct X format and includes all UV and graphic work. $29.99 and a direct download after payment.

Home: https://www.es.dellsweet.com

Wastelands model six – Direct X Game models

$59.99 includes Direct X models (Old Bug and Newer Bug) all UV work and the graphic work. This model is immediately downloadable after purchase. This is part of the Wastelands collection

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Wastelands 7 Direct X Models – Dell Sweet

Wastelands 07 – Direct X Model

$29.99 includes all UV work and graphics. This is a tube constructed vehicle used to deliver critical supplies through out the wastelands. This model is an immediate download after payment and is usable in all your game projects, personal and commercial

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Home: https://www.dellsweet.com

Wastelands direct X model 09

Nine is a junk yard relic, built from scrap with oversized fuel storage to make trips across the wastelands. $99.99 includes the Direct X model, graphics and all UV work. 3DS, FBX, DXF, U3d formats included. Direct download after purchase.

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Home: https://www.es.dellsweet.com

Apocalyptic vehicle 11

This is model 11 in the Wastelands series. This is in the Direct X format and includes all UV and graphic work. This is a direct download after purchase and can be used in all your game play or projects, commercial or personal. $21.90

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Wastelands model 13

This is car 13 in the Wastelands apocalypse collection. This is a game ready Direct X model with all UV work and graphics. $44.10 with all included and directly downloadable after purchase.

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RAD Sandbox – Game Creation

RAD Sandbox Game Creation – Game Building in 3D


OFX Modeler and the RAD Sandbox software for just $39.99. Make models and then use the Game Maker to build your 3D Worlds and games! #3dGameMaker #3DModeler https://www.dellsweet.com/product-category/soft/

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