PANORAMA – Rad Balázs

Some TOURMOIL missions take place in a fictional version of Budapest. In this project you can fully enjoy the architecture from a higher perspective… 🙂

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Direct X Stock Car 01

This is the first model in the Direct X builds for RAD Sandbox. There are twelve total, and you can get them free with your RAD Sandbox purchase, or purchase them individually for use in other game creation systems. $29.95 includes the Direct X model and all UV and Graphic work. This is a direct download after purchase.

Get this model below: An instant download after payment.


Updating RAD Sandbox

This is the new road system I am working on. This will be added along with the highway construction module which will also be rebuilt.

The idea is to add better models. These models have the off-road terrain, a terrain that will also be added to the Terrain Module. That will allow you to set these down on that terrain and have them blend right in.

I can’t see that biting off this huge project was my own idea, it wasn’t. I finished nd uploaded the Flex road system. A road build you can use to make models, but is is not integrated in the Sandbox, when Balázs Zsigmond Horváth suggested it. I have several models done. I can make the additional POL COO and other files for the things to work correctly. Dell Sweet


Road Models

You can build nearly any type of road you wish to with this model set. Dirt, Tarmac, Old Road. The set contains everything you need. This model is in the DirectX format and a direct download after purchase. You may use this system for any type of project you have, Personal and Commercial.

A project track built with this system…

This model system is set-up for easy image file additions in your modeler, or in Ultimate Unwrap.

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Terra 02 in DirectX

This is a road module build. The pieces are also available individually here.

The pieces are all included for the entire Terrain. This a large semi-finished terrain. I did all the serious stuff and left most of the decoration for you. You can see there are areas left undeveloped so you can explore your own creative abilities.

This model is in the DirectX format for the Rad Sandbox Game Creation System but can be converted to FBX, OBJ, 3DS or any other format you need. This is an instant download after purchase and you can use this model or derivatives you have created from this work in any project Personal or Commercial that you wish to use it in.

Get it Below:


Terra 01 in DirectX

Some terrains, finally, that I have wanted to add for awhile. These are full terrains, city, roads, off-road, and they include all the UV work and the graphics.

This is a look at the Terrain being driven. The game logic is available in Rad Sandbox

This model is in the DirectX format and is an instant download after purchase. This model can be converted to FBX, 3DS or any other format you need to work with your Game Creation software

Click below to purchase this model: $139.99


Wastelands 22

This was a vehicle I built for the next part of the wastelands series of vehicles. Dented, the body is trashed including all the lights being smashed out. But the driver doesn’t care. It is built for fast daytime trips, a message runner between the settlements.

This model is rendered in DirectX and includes all UV and graphic work. It is available for use in all of your projects, personal and commercial and is an instant download after purchase.



Wishing you all all the best for the holidays! 🙂

It’s not Christmas? What? Here, have a look at my models for 3D game creation. The prices will make you think it is Christmas!