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“The Yellowstone Caldera.” He raised his eyes, “Familiar with that?”
“Yellowstone Park?” Sammy said.
“Yes. Back in 1930 the Army did an exploratory survey of that area. What we came up with was that there was a section of the Rocky Mountains missing. Looked at from the top of Mount Washburn it was easy for the team to see that the largest crater of an extinct volcano known to exist lay before them.” 

Yellowstone We all think that Yellowstone is the remains of an extinct volcano. Except it is not true at all because the Yellowstone caldera is not extinct, it is active. There were, at one time, many active volcanoes on the North American continent. Yellowstone remains ready to blow at any time… #Super #Volcanoes https://books.apple.com/us/book/yellowstone/id1441067513

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