Super Racing conversion – RAD Sandbox – dell sweet


I’ll keep the eight cars I ripped, do the UV work, and ‘ll add two or four cars to round it, including a couple of trucks.

The roads are complete and seem to use the enclosed method. IE: the flat of the road and the sides are enclosed to make a bounding box. makes it very simple to add scenery as it is never going to be driven on.

So, there is the start. I have made the directory and loaded the files in so that when I have spare time I can work on the files. I’ll start with the cars, knock out all the UV and graphic work and whatever additions I make and then move on to the tracks which will take longer, Dell

Rad Sandbox: Rad Sandbox: Get it now

Models1: Wastelands VW Build X 2

Models2: Wastelands Models X 3

Models3: Wastelands Models X 10

Open FX: Open FX Modeler



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