What I’m working on

Making another wastelands truck built from scraps. Tested this on tires, looks good, so I will probably go ahead and zip it up for downloads and also add it to the game.

Have a few other models I am working on, along with the City that is already in RAD Sandbox. It will be very different for this next year with all the changes.

The city layout: I built the sewer tunnel and added roads out, but had yet to connect any actual land yet.
The city surrounded by land now and with the sewer/waterway exit coming out into this world
Here is the latest build. I mover the waterway and built bridge access over it as well as the exit from the waterway. In the background you can see I also built a highway area back in. It will have city shops under it and a small highway system. In the end I’ll have city/highway/offroad to drive on

Home: https://www.es.dellsweet.com

Rad Sandbox: https://www.radsandbox.com